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13 February 2012 @ 10:42 pm
Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

Questions from BookBlather behind the cut!

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Signal boosting direct from bookblather:

Y'all remember how, a few months back, I posted about my friends subluxate and sunsetinthewest?

They still need help.

Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let gandolforf sum up:

One of my friends is being fucked over hard by SSI/SSDI and in danger of getting their medical coverage, which is desperately needed, cut off.

A few points from subluxate:

So this week, I received a notice that my Medicare premium payment is due. For, basically, July 1 through December 31.

This totals $807.80.

Right now, the last payment I received was in May, around May 3. That's four months without payments. Four months of asking my family and friends and complete strangers for help paying rent and bills. Four months that total $2,791.20 that Social Security has not sent me.

I'm not asking, at this time, for donations. I am, however, asking for advice. What should my next step be? Who should I contact? Do I need to email my state representative's office, too, about the Medicaid issue? Should I find a news outlet? What do I do?

ENTIRE POST with more information on what's happening and what they've done so far. Please read this, please signal boost this, please check out help_kelly and offer your fic, graphics, or anything (there's a miscellaneous post too). Please bid, too, if you can! A few dollars can really help. There's a post on Tumblr for reblogging here, and a Tweet to RT here.

Here's the part where the delicious cookies come in.

If you go to help_kelly and bid on the right posts, people (among them bookblather) will make you delicious cookies! Or possibly people (not including bookblather) will make you awesome graphics! Or possibly people (again including bookblather) will write you lovely stories! Or more shiny things not posted as of this posting! Go and lend a hand! Giving tastes like magic peanut butter cookies, my friends. And who doesn't love magic peanut butter cookies?

Unless you're allergic to nuts, I guess.

But there are delicious cookies that totally lack nuts as well.

My point is, warm fuzzy glow of helping a fellow human being AS WELL AS delicious cookies. And it frankly doesn't get better than that.
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03 November 2010 @ 10:26 pm
Friends Only
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03 March 2009 @ 11:21 pm
...that's right. I said "cutezors". You heard me.

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19 January 2009 @ 09:43 pm
Adopt one today!
29 November 2008 @ 12:01 pm
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20 August 2008 @ 02:10 pm
Also known as: I'm a bitch and you've bruised my ass for the last time.

Ladies, are you tired of waking up at gods only know what hour of the night with an urgent need to pee, only to actually or nearly injure yourself because your significant other left the damned seat up AGAIN??

I know I am.

But rather than rant and rave and bitch and moan, I decided the time has come for action. And thus, the revenge plot (Plan B) was born.

Plan B: A Girlfriend's RevengeCollapse )
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30 July 2008 @ 10:40 pm
Dearest, darlingest, Russell T. Davies:

You sir, are a whore. A horrible, horrible, man-whore of a writer.

I salute you.






P.P.S. NICE touch on the shiny hula hoop of DOOM! :D

P.P.P.S. As a rabid fangirl, THANK YOU for the nakkies. 'Nough said.
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24 July 2008 @ 06:22 pm
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11 June 2008 @ 07:10 pm
Image hosted @ bighugelabs.com

Create your own motivational poster here.
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